Combustion Group May 2019

Back row: Mr Shashank Nagaraja, Dr Shijun Dong, Mr. Nitin Lokachari, Mr Stephen Barrett, Dr. Jinhu Liang, Dr Snehasish Panigrahy, Dr. Amritbikram Sahu, Dr Quan-De Wang, Mr Yingtao Wu
Middle Row: Mr Matthew Holmes, Ms Jennifer Power, Dr Mahammadreza Baigmohammadi, Prof Henry Curran, Ms Yanjin Sun, Mr Ahmed Mohamed
Front Row: Mr Vaibhav Patel, Dr Kieran Somers, Mr Gavin Kenny, Mr Sergio Martinez (Photo: Mr Gerard Reilly) May 2019


Associate Director

Postdoctoral Researchers

Ahmed Mohamed

Started: August 2018

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PhD Students

Jennifer Power

Started: September 2016

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Nitin Lokachari

Started: January 2017

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Shashank Nagaraja

Started: November 2017

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‌Sergio Martinez

Started: April 2018

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Vaibhav Patel

Started: April 2018

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Past Students, Staff and Projects

  • Dr Mohammadreza Baigmohammadi (January 2017 - August 2020)

    Mohammadreza performed experimental and modelling studies of the autoignition of small hydrocarbon species over a wide range of pressure, temperature, equivalence ratio and dilution. He is currently working with Prof. Philip de Goey at Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • Dr. Colin Banyon (April 2014 - November 2018)
    Colin performed experimental and chemcial kinetic modelling studies of the hexane isomers, n-heptane/toluene mixtures, 1,3-butadiene oxidation, among others. 
  • Dr. Yang Li (January 2014 - February 2018)
    Yang performed experimental, quantum chemistry calculations and chemcial kinetic modelling studies of C4 olefin species. He started a post-doctoral position at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia in May 2018.
  • Dr. Chongwen Zhou (September 2009 - June 2017)
    Chongwen performed quantum chemistry calculations and detailed chemical kinetic studies. She started a faculty position at Beihang University, Beijing, China in September 2017.
  • Dr. John Bugler (October 2012 - November 2016)
    John studied the oxidation of the pentane isomers, and thermodynamic properties of nitrogen-containing compounds. He graduated with his PhD in November 2016.
  • Dr. Ultan Burke (July 2011 - February 2015)
    Ultan studied the oxidation of methane/DME mixtures, Tripropylene Gycol Mono-Methyl Ether, Aldehydes, Propene and Methanol. He graduated with his PhD in February 2015 taking a post-doctoral position at Aachen University.
  • Dr. Jorge Mendes Ferreira (August 2011 - February 2015)
    Jorge calculated rate constants for H-atom abstraction by OH and HO2 radicals from aldehydes, ketones, esters, ethers and acids. He graduated with his PhD in February 2015.
  • Dr. Kieran Somers (September 2010 - July 2014)
    Kieran studied the oxidation of furan and 2,5-dimethyl furan being one of the first in the world to develop detailed chemical kinetic models to describe their oxidation under combustion relevant conditions. He graduated with his PhD in July 2014 and is currently working with Shell Global Solutions in London.
  • Dr. Fiona Gillespie (January 2010 - June 2014)
    Fiona studied the pyrolysis and oxidation of alternative oxygenated fuels. She graduated with her PhD in June 2014 taking a position with the Royal Society of Chemistry as a Publishing Editor.
  • Dr. Sinéad Burke (Sept 2009 - February 2014)
    Sinéad developed detailed chemical kinetic models to describe C0 - C4 species pyrolysis and oxidation. She graduated with her PhD in March 2014 taking the position as Assistant Research Officer at the Irish Cancer Society.
  • Dr. Nicola Donohoe (Sept 2009 - February 2014)
    Nicola performed experimental and modelling studies of natural gas mixtures relevant to gas turbines. She graduated with her PhD in March 2014 taking a position as Product Development Engineer at AVX Ltd, Coleraine.
  • Dr. Christine Conroy (September 2009 - October 2013)
    Christine studied the oxidation of n-butylcyclohexane. She graduated with her PhD in December 2013 taking a position as an English teacher in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Dr. Daniel Darcy (Jan 2010 - June 2013)
    Experimental and modelling studies of the oxidation of n-propylbenzene over a wide range of temperatures and pressures and its comparison with n-butylbenzene
  • Dr. Wayne Metcalfe (Sept 2009 - August 2012)
    Wayne worked as primary mechanism developer at the Combustion Chemistry Centre for three years having return from Princeton University in 2009. He is now following his interesting in computer programming.
  • Dr. Judith Wurmel (Sept 2009 - July 2012)
    Judith worked as a Project Manager in the Combustion Chemistry Centre for almost three years. She is now following her great passion for teaching and is moving to the School of Chemistry in NUI Galway as a University Teacher.
  • Dr. Darren Healy (June 2012)
    Darren has completed his PhD and Postdoc at the Combustion Chemistry Centre in NUI Galway and is now moving on - best of luck with your future career Darren! All the best!
  • Dr. Rory Monaghan (Jan 2010 - Dec 2011)
    While with C3 Rory was funded by Rolls Royce Canada Ltd and worked on the development and validation of computer models applicable to thermochemical systems, novel environmentally-benign energy technologies, and policies and incentives for innovation in the energy sector. Rory is now a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department in NUI Galway.
  • Colin Tobin
    A shock tube and rapid compression machine study of n-butylbenzene oxidation.
    Submitted: September 2011
  • Peter O'Toole
    Experimental and Modelling Studies of Methane and Dimethyl Ether Autoignition in a Rapid Compression Machine.
    Submitted: August 2011
  • Dr. Alan Keromnes
    The study of Syngas at gas-turbine relevant conditions.
    February 2010 - August 2011
  • Dr. Zeynep Serinyel
    Experimental and modelling studies of oxygenated biofuels
    Completed: June 2011
  • Dr. Darren Healy
    Experimental and modelling studies of natural gas mixtures in a rapid compression machine
    Completed: 2009
  • Dr. Grainne Black
    The Combustion Chemistry of Oxygenates: A Computational, Modelling and Experimental Study
    Completed: 2009
  • Dr. Stephen Dooley
    Autoignition measurements and a validated detailed kinetic model for the combustion of the model biodiesel methyl butanoate
    Completed: 2008
  • Dr. Wayne Metcalfe
    Experimental and modelling study of ethyl propanoate and diisobutylene
    Completed: 2008
  • Triona NiMhaolduin (M.Sc.)
    Autoignition studies in a rapid compression machine: the combustion of dimethyl ether, 2,3-dimethylpentane, methyl cyclohexane and n-heptane
    Completed: 2005
  • Dr. Emma Silke
    The influence of fuel structure on combustion as demonstrated by the isomers of heptane: a rapid compression machine study & detailed kinetic modelling of n-heptane
    Completed: 2005
  • Dr. Marcus Sean O Conaire
    Detailed chemical kinetic modelling and validation studies of combustion systems
    Completed: 2005
  • Dr. John Michael Smith
    Construction, characterisation and validation of a shock tube facility: spectroscopic and kinetic studies at high temperatures
    Completed: 2004
  • Dr. Judith Wurmel Detailed chemical kinetics combined with a computational fluid dynamics study of a twin piston rapid compression machine
    Completed: 2004
  • Dr. Sheila M. Gallagher
    Hydrocarbon oxidation at low and intermediate temperatures and high pressures: stretch-free flame speeds of oxygenates
    Completed: 2003
  • Dr. Adrian Toland
    A comparative study of the high temperature combustion of some structurally similar hydrocarbons, alkyl amines and alkyl nitrates in a shock tube: a combustion mechanism for the high temperature oxidation of isopropyl nitrate.
    Completed: 1999
  • Dr. John P. MacNamara
    The high temperature combustion of nitrogen containing aromatics and related studies
    Completed: 1999
  • Dr. Marguerite McGuinness
    The combustion of cyclic ethers
    Completed: 1996